“Rent”- a Guide

Hire one of our Tour Guides for a period of time and have them show you around the area or the island, in your own transport. With your own Guide see as many sites as you can drive to, by or through. Create custom destinations or just wing it. Our Guide will be your personal connection (liaison) to the people, culture, place and vibe of Jamaica. See Jamaica with no limitations! 


Tour Starts:  Airport / Hotel lobby
Minimum Age: none
Included: Tour guide 
Tour Duration:  4 hours ; 8 hours ; 12 hours ; 24 hours
Tour Price:  US $60 ; $100; $150 ; $300 – There is an additional charge of US $20 to start at the airport.
Incidental Costs (if applicable): Guest is responsible for the snacks, meals, accessories, lodgings, entry fees and general well being of the Tour Guide during the Touring period.