About FIWI

“FIWI” is a licensed, insured and registered tour company that is located in the city of Kingston, Jamaica. We offer safe, fun and informative tour packages that will provide you with a full City experience and its surrounding areas. We also offer regular tours island wide starting from Kingston. Apart from our standard tour packages, we also create single or multi day custom tour experiences for our guests.

“FIWI” in Jamaican speak is “Our”. It was born from the idea of my family and I exploring Jamaica and all the popular and hidden spots island wide. We visited so many places and had such a great time and experience we decided we wanted to share it with others, locals and visitors, to our beautiful island. It has been wonderful to meet so many people from all over the world while sharing Jamaica with them and watching them enjoy their experience with pictures, smiles and thank yous. Welcome to FIWI Jamaica Experience!