Adventure Tours

Blue Mountain Peak Hike & Trails

  Accomplish what few people in the world have…

  • Explore the majesty and beauty of the central Blue Mountains
  • Hike up 7,402 feet to the Peak – the highest point on the island
  • Experience its cloud forest, fauna and birds
  • Travel through country villages and small towns
  • Take post card pictures and make life time memories

Taylor your adventure package in 4 steps…

  1. moderate to hard hiking
  2. night time or day time trek
  3. sunrise, day time or sunset view
  4. same day or over night experience
Includes: Not Included:
Transportation Back pack
Guide Hiking shoes
Entry Fees Light to medium clothes
Tour activities Determination & grit
Motivation A lot of sweat & some tears
Others – based on tour package Others – based on tour package
 Monday – Sunday
Tour Time: depends on package
Experience cost: depends on package (US$450+ up)
(Book 24 hours in advance – 1 person minimum)
Reservations: Contact us