Blue Mountain Escape

Take a winding uphill drive in the high mountains through a Military Parade ground and Barracks to a picturesque nature park with walking trails and picnic spots. See the waterfall, indigenous birds and fauna in the early morning dew of a cloud forest.  Have a drink and something to eat at a local spot on the side of the road.

Tour Starts: Kingston – hotel lobby
Minimum Age: none
Under 3 years: FREE
Group discounted rate for two or more persons
Included: Entrance fee, A/C transportation, Tour guide 
Tour Duration:  6 hours
Tour Price: Adult US$150 /person Child (3-11)US$120 /person 


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Blue Mountain Escape


Sample Itinerary:

You will be picked up at your hotel in Kingston. We will meet you in the lobby and provide a five minute summary of the tour, answer any questions and board the transport. Immediately upon leaving the hotel your tour guide will start providing information on the areas you are passing through. Twenty minutes later as you are traveling through the mountains, we will reach our first stop at a look out point where you will see the eastern side of the city and be informed on it’s various landmarks, areas and history. It’s a must for pictures and we will be happy to take some for you of you. Ten minutes later, we continue our journey, passing through “Irish Town”, a small village area that was and is still used today by wealthy Kingstonians to get away from the Kingston heat, and work our way up to our second look out spot with magnificent views of the lush green valleys and peaks of the Blue Mountains. A short stop of five minutes and we continue driving up for a half hour more going above three thousand five hundred feet where we will stop at the old British barracks and parade ground in New Castle, St. Andrew. There you will see the southern most views of Kingston, Regimental insignia’s of Colonial times, the tallest point on the Western side of the Blue Mountains and an old seventeenth century canon. This is the ideal spot to take pictures and more pictures. Once finished, we load up once more and drive for another fifteen minutes to the UNESCO National Park grounds, our destination for hiking, bird watching and being one with nature. From the park you can see the western side of Kingston completing its panoramic view. Our time here normally takes up to two hours. After, we load up in our transport and start heading back down the mountain, making an optional stop for something to eat at one of the local spots , which normally takes less than an hour. Finally, forty five minutes later, you will get dropped off at your hotel and escorted into the lobby where the hotel will be informed that you have arrived back “Safe and Sound”.

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