Dunn’s River Falls Scenic Tour

Climb Jamaica’s famous Waterfall located in the tourist town of Ocho Rios and swim in the white sand beach below the falls. Along the way, see the beautiful country side and rustic charm of old Spanish and British architecture. Stop and take pictures of post card views and buy amazing local souvenirs from the market place. Experience the “vibes” that only Jamaica gives.

Tour Starts: Kingston – hotel lobby
Minimum Age: none
Under 3 years: FREE
Group discounted rate for two or more persons
Included: Entrance fee, A/C transportation, Tour guide 
Tour Duration:  6 hours
Tour Price: Adult US$230 /person Child (3-11)US$170 /person 


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Dunn’s River Falls Scenic Tour


Sample Itinerary:

You will be picked up at your hotel in Kingston. We will meet you in the lobby and provide a five minute summary of the tour, answer any questions and board the transport. Immediately upon leaving the hotel your tour guide will start providing information on the areas you are passing through. Fifteen minutes later, you will be driving through a main country side mountain pass with homes, farms, and rivers as we head to the North coast of the island. the guide will keep you informed on the various landmarks, areas and its history. It’s a must for pictures and we will be happy to take some for you. Approximately forty five minutes later, you will be on the north coast, then we will turn west and follow the coast line into the old Spanish port town of Port Maria where we will stop and visit some landmarks, grab a snack and take “post card” pictures. Thirty minutes later, we are back on the road and heading along the coastline to the tourist town of Ocho Rios. We will drive through the town so that you can see the various shops and landmarks and if you desire we will stop for twenty minutes, at the cruise ship pier for you to do some shopping and sight seeing.  From there we head to Dunn’s River Falls, which is five minutes away. Once we enter the park we will climb the falls in our own private group, where we will take our time and go off the beaten path and get a greater falls experience.  From the falls you can see the beautiful Caribbean Sea and white sand coastline. After climbing, if there is enough time we can go swimming on the beach. Our time here normally takes up to two hours and thirty minutes. Once finished, we will load up in our transport and get something to eat at the best authentic “Jerk” spot on the island, located ten minutes away. It normally takes about forty minutes to order, sit down and eat. On the way back to Kingston, we will head over the mountains using the highway where you will see and experience an incredible picturesque view of the island interior. An hour later, you will get dropped off at your hotel and escorted into the lobby where the hotel will be informed that you have arrived back “Safe and Sound”.

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